The Dundee OMX Microscope -

Spectacular Resolution!

Meiosis in barley: The two strands of the synaptonemal complex, labelled with Asy1 (green) and Zyp1 (red), and spaced by a distance of only 100nm, can be clearly discerned. 3D-SIM image by Dylan Phillips, University of Aberystwyth, Wales

In delivery of our mission, we are achieving production line Super-Resolution Microscopy, supporting users with advice and expertise from experimental setup, through data acquisition and processing, all the way to data analysis.

We are running 3D-Structured Illumination, providing improved spatial and axial resolution (120nm laterally and 250nm axially). We have recently upgraded to the OMX Blaze system (Applied Precision, a GE Healthcare company) which allows for 4 channel 3D-SIM at frame rates of up to 1 stack per second.

Purchase and running of the Dundee OMX are financed by an Next Generation Optical Microscopy Award.

Serving more than 100 different projects from Scotland, the UK and Europe over the last 5 years has allowed us to build a wide expertise on a huge diversity of samples with a wide variety of different biological backgrounds and questions.



The Dundee University OMX served as a Proof-of-Concept Studies Site

(Advanced Light Microscopy – Access to Innovative Technologies)

In the first half of 2012 we supported no less than nine Euro-BioImaging projects from European research institutions with over 350 hours of imaging on the Dundee OMX !


Find some amazing 3D-SIM images

from the Proof-of-Concept Studies in our Image Gallery.


last updated Jan 2015